How to be Formula One Champion por Richard Porter

How to be Formula One Champion por Richard Porter
Titulo del libro : How to be Formula One Champion
Autor : Richard Porter

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Richard Porter con How to be Formula One Champion

Are you the next Lewis Hamilton?How to be F1 Champion provides you with the complete guide to hitting the big time in top-flight motorsport, with advice on the correct look, through to more advanced skills such as remembering to insert 'for sure' at the start of every sentence, and tips on mastering the accents most frequently heard at press conferences. You'll also learn how to manage your social media account and other basics, including the art of Champagne spraying and how to wear a massive free watch.There are step by steps on how talk about key sponsors while sounding like the life force is draining from your body, and how to psychologically crush your teammate without him noticing.How to be F1 Champion also contains carefully illustrated guides to important factors such as facial hair, baseball-cap technique and the correct body language for when your stupid car has broken down on the far side of the track during lap 17. Again.See you on the podium!