Prasadachi Vani (Marathi Edition) por Dr. Sadanand More

Prasadachi Vani (Marathi Edition) por Dr. Sadanand More
Titulo del libro : Prasadachi Vani (Marathi Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : November 23, 2018
Autor : Dr. Sadanand More
Editor : Sakal Publications

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Dr. Sadanand More con Prasadachi Vani (Marathi Edition)

Divine knowledge of Vedas, and Dharmashastras was originally in Sanskrit and monopoly of the priestly castes. Marathi saints like Saint Dnyaneshwar, and Saint Tukaram did very important job of bringing this knowledge in Marathi for the masses. That is why their compositions are referred to as, ‘Prasadachi Vaani’. This spoken benevolence take shape only when Godsend blessings unite with the extensive sensitivity of the Saintly minds. This book by Dr. Sadanand More presents us with the godly hymns by Saint Tukaram.