Golf Your Way por Thomas Slagle

Golf Your Way por Thomas Slagle
Titulo del libro : Golf Your Way
Fecha de lanzamiento : April 24, 2017
Autor : Thomas Slagle
Número de páginas : 232

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Thomas Slagle con Golf Your Way

The veil is lifted. For the first time a revolutionary classic clears away the pseudo-science and "modeling" that infects golf instruction. First, you will develop an understanding of the science that matters, the ball flight laws. Then "Golf Your Way" will guide you through a simple process of finding your own fundamentals (grip, set-up, swing thoughts and conceptions) that will comply with that science and create the best golf shots of your life. By simple drills you become master of your fundamentals, not those of some model player or theoretical "perfect" golfer. Also included are topics such as eliminating major golf swing motor flaws, a mind-blowing truth about club face alignment at address, how to miraculously improve your short game, increasing your swing speed, and a model for a your new golf swing based on golf club design. "Golf Your Way" is a perfect training manual for discovering for yourself your own perfect golf swing.

"This book has helped me more than all of the other golf instruction I've read, seen or tried throughout my life combined. It is also a fascinating and enlightening read -- I stayed up all night reading it and couldn't wait to get to the driving range the next day. I was not disappointed -- within a few hours I had identified completely new "fundamentals" for myself and all parts of my golf game improved virtually overnight. It took my mind off the old positions based instruction and now I use only athletic feel based swing thoughts when I play or practice. The results have been extraordinary. My handicap has dropped from twelve to four in the space of two months. I plan to use Golf My Way as a handbook for my golf swing for as long as I play. I could not recommend this book
more highly."
- Woody Burgess, Editor-in-Chief, "The Smokey Mountain Golfer"