Lacrosse Fundamentals (English Edition) por Jim Hinkson

Lacrosse Fundamentals (English Edition) por Jim Hinkson
Titulo del libro : Lacrosse Fundamentals (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : May 1, 2014
Autor : Jim Hinkson
Número de páginas : 242
Editor : Triumph Books

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Jim Hinkson con Lacrosse Fundamentals (English Edition)

Describing the components of lacrosse in a step-by-step fashion, author and coach Jim Hinkson clearly explains and illustrates the most effective ways of mastering individual skills for passing, catching, cradling, and checking, as well as tactics and strategies for winning team play. In addition, the book offers dozens of drills applicable to both coaches and players for refining these techniques and contains specific instruction for both the indoor and outdoor game. Written with precision by one of the world’s leading authorities on playing and coaching lacrosse and featuring numerous illuminating photographs and illustrations, Lacrosse Fundamentals is ideal for coaches, players, parents, and fans of the sport.